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Hindermann’s range of bike covers including  City, Basic, Universal and Concept are manufactured in Germany and offer probably the best possible protection for your bikes.

Please note the some of the pictures include images of the warning sign and the tie down straps which are not included with the cover (at an additional cost if required).

These bike covers are especially designed for Motorhomes and Campervans and are not for use on cars or racks with electrical/hand platform systems.

Consideration must also be taken into account if the cover obscures the number plate and lights and if your carrier platform is high – enough for you to fit the cover etc.

The City bike is designed to fit any Camper or Motorhome with rear doors.

Available up to 3 bikes  with a drawing available – see picture gallery. Please check dimensions before ordering.

Each Hindermann bike cover comes with a full guide and instruction sheet.

READ THE VAN COMFORT BIKE COVER GUIDE SHEET found in the box and follow the guide etc.

Once you have done this you simply place the cover over the bikes and anchor around the back and then secure with addtional bungee or Hindermann tie down straps.

Each Bike set up can be different but your handlebars should not have to be twisted.

The trick is to ensure the cover can not move when in transit although impossible the more secure the cover is the less it will rub against the bikes when moving etc.

The tie down straps and warning sign are not included with the cover but can be purchased as additional extras.

The two types of straps  as seen in the picture gallery are the popular Hook Straps which use the Warning Sign pocket eyelets to tie down the cover and the Pro Cover straps  with the Snap lock  system which are normally used for vertical fixings.

Warning Signs

Two types are available standard plastic and metal which is a legal requirement for travel in Italy.

All are available to buy on the drop down price menu.

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