Frequently Asked Questions

Will external or internal thermal screens stop condensation on the windows?

Outer screens are extremely effective in eliminating cab condensation. Internal thermal screens will also reduce condensation but will not eliminate the problem. In extreme conditions very light condensation should be expected with any screens, particularly when heating is used within the vehicle and where outside temperatures are very low.

What’s the difference between outer and inner screens?

Outer screens are fitted on the outside of the vehicle. They are more effective in reducing cab glass condensation. Being outside they will get wet, so will need to be dried if it rains (use your shower tray) then bag up once dry. Also in windy conditions, we recommend you take the outer screens off, if there is severe movement. All said, the outer screen is the most popular and effective way of insulating the cab of your vehicle. Skirts can also be purchased for the higher end thermal screens for extreme cold conditions (Thermo-Lux).

Internal Screens are always fitted using suction cups, which attach to the glass on the inside of the vehicle. They are not as effective as outers regarding eliminating condensation. But they are thermally effective. The Kantop Inners are the best on the market in our opinion. Internal screens also offer the convenience of staying dry and the user is able to remove them easily whilst remaining in the vehicle, without getting wet 🙂

How do thermal screens fit?

External screens for Vans and Coachbuilt vehicles are usally fitted using a door pocket or flap system. Open the door, fit the side screen pocket, close the door trap the pocket. Bring screen round, do the same on the opposite side. Some external screens will have eyelets where you can anchor the screen down more securely if required.

Internal screens are fitted using suction pads. Simply align the screen with the glass, push onto the glass using the ring pulls or tabs. Detach by pulling ring pulls or tabs. Don’t pull the screen away from the glass using the fabric.

Are there any hidden charges on the price list?

There shouldn’t be unless you need additional components or you have a delivery surcharge (out of mainland UK).

You don’t have my vehicle on your screen lists can you still supply me?

Probably, we are screen specialists and have the most extensive list of external and internal thermal screens here in the UK.

Call and ask, we’ll be able to offer a solution.

How long does the made to measure service take?

Made to measure service for Kantop Inners takes up to 8 weeks. Alternatively we can also can offer kits to make your own. Call and ask or see the website.

How long is delivery if my screen is not in stock?

It depends on whether its on the shelf in Germany. As a rule of thumb please allow 4-8 weeks, but do call us if you have a deadline for a trip. We’ll help if we can.

I am away this weekend any chance of delivery for Friday/Saturday morning?

Yes we can offer delivery on a Saturday, the price varies depending on whether it is a timed delivery and how big the parcel / product is. Call us for further information and to discuss your requirements. We’ll help where we can.

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