Tyre Protection Cushions – TYREDOX – set of 4


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Tyre Protection  Cushions from UK company Tyredox were originally conceived for the Sports Car market but the creaters soon realised the potential to be used in the Motorhome, RV and Camper Van market.

Note this product can also be used on Vintage, Premium, and Classic Cars.

Tyredox tyre cushions are a brand new storage product from Van Comfort  which can lead to increased vehicle tyre life.

Lack of regular movement, tyres can misshapen with the potential of flat spots perishing and cracking of their structure leading to early replacment.

With premium Motorhome tyres costing upwards of £250 a piece, replacments are normally carried out in pairs, an expensive process!

In addition to the potential for tyre damage, leaving the handbrake on during long term storage can potentially risk fusing the brake pads to the discs.

Made in the UK from 93 per cent recycled crumb rubber. TyreDox’s clever shape integrates a grooved ramp for maximum grip, leading to a carefully designed concave cushion.

It’s the surface of this cushion which follows the contour of the tyre, significantly increasing the contact area to spread the load.

Enabling it to be stored without engaging the handbrake to avoid stretched cable, linkages and sticking brake pads was a key part of our design considerations.

You can expect a set of TyreDox to cost less than a single premium tyre. Weighing in at over 7kg each they going to last and have integrated handles to hang out of the way when not in use.

Easy to use — simply place each cushion either in front or behind each tyre and simply drive forward or in reverse to sit on each cushion.

Materials and process

High density, homogenous moulded rubber

93 to 95% crumb rubber, recovered from commercial tyres graded and selected for compound moulding.

Compound auto mixed with blended resins for consistent coating of granules.

Pressed at 80 tonnes at a temperature of 100o


620mm – 24inch Long for maximum surface grip

355mm – 14inch wide for broadest range of tyres

75mm – 3inch high end stop for optimum clearance and secure location feel.

275mm – 11inch multi ridged ramp with 8-degree lead for optimum grip and a gentle approach

360mm 30inch concave cushion seat with built in give for maximum load spread

7.3kg – 16lbs wiehgt per each Tyredox cushion for maximum stability and durability.

Suitable for all tyres upto 14inch wide

* Note due to the nature of the moulding process sizes may vary slightly

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