Expedition Camping AWNING

Awning should not be used in high winds, which could either damage the product or your van.

Canopy should be set on a taper to allow efficient run off of water, in case of rain. If water is allowed to pool in the canopy, it eventually weigh down and damage the product, which will not be covered by any limited warranty.

Roll Out – Awning for  Camper Vans / VW / Landrover / 4×4’s SUV.

140cm /200cm / 250cm wide option, with varying length canopies.

Legs elevate to maximum 215cm height.


Our Awnings are extremely well made, aluminium bodies / Legs.

Ideal for family vacation / picnic / or serious expedition.

Adjustable telescopic legs / twist ‘n’ lock.

Guy ropes / ground pegs included.

420D Oxford Polyester Canopy (Colour may vary slightly)

Waterproof / Rot Proof / Mould Proof

Fitting Instructions provided  / Multiple ways to attach to vehicle.

Can be bolted to a rack, bolted to rails or bolted to roof bars. L shaped mounting brackets included. Awning can be mounted and removed as required leaving the brackets if used, in place.

Check size required, by measuring your vehicle. Weight of the smallest awning 1.4m x 2.0m is approx. 12kg, with the largest awning 2.5m x 2.5m weighing approx. 18kg.

When unrolling the awning during assembly and disassembly you will need to be able to support approx. half its weight. (canopy, legs and leg cassette case).

Size options available:

1.4 x 2.0m

2.0 x 2.0m

2.5 x 2.0m

2.0 x 2.5m

2.5 x 2.5m options.

* Note picture of product may not show the size you are buying – so measure to be sure what size you need!!

*Windbreak front panel also available for all 3 awning widths, offering additional protection.

*Tents also available to attach onto the AWNINGS

*Important note – Must have roof bars, roof rack or basket to be able to fit product in a conventional manner.

*Fitting notes available / request via email / if you need to clarify fitting options before purchase – contact us.

Great product, great value, fantastic quality.

Aluminium bodied, high quality awning
usually delivered within 2-3 days via courier

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