Thermal Insulation Cab Screens



I have condensation running down the windows of my vehicle, will the screens stop this problem? 

Outer screens are extremely effective in eliminating cab condensation. Inner screens will also reduce condensation problems. In extreme conditions very light condensation should be expected with any screens, particularly when heating is used within the vehicle and where outside temperatures are very low.


What’s the difference between outer and inner screens?

Apart from outer screens being slightly more expensive their insulation factor is slightly better and is suited to colder climates. The reflective type external screens including the Kantop Isomatten and the Hindermann 4 seasons, are suitable for both Summer & Winter conditions.

If the conditions are extremely cold, we would suggest the use of both Internal and External screens.

Internal screens are easier to store (dry) and quicker to take down, without the need to venture outside.


How do they fit?

Inners: Just line the shape of the screen up to the glass and simply press the screen onto the glass and the suction pads will engage. Take down the screens using the ring pull’s on the inner side of the screens.

Outer: Outer screens for van cabs use a different attachment method, namely door pockets, heavy duty velcro strips running along the front pillars and elastic straps which are attached under the wheel arches. Full instructions are provided.

‘A’ Class vehicles utilise aluminium profile strips (provided) which need to be attached above both passenger and drivers side windows. The side pieces have a sewn on beading which is inserted into the aluminium channel horizontally (Isomatten) vertically (Thermo Lux).


Are there any hidden charges on the price list?

No….prices include delivery to your door, packing and VAT.


You don’t have my vehicle on your screen lists can you still supply me?

Firstly, call us to find out if we have recently acquired a pattern. If we don't you will have the option of buying a made to measure internal screen - down load the guide on the appropriate page.

We have supplied screens for luxury yachts, off road vehicles & classic vintage motor homes using this service.


How long does the made to measure service take?

From receipt of the template to delivery, the service takes approximately 4-5 weeks, depending on the time of year. Winter months are always busy, and you should expect to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery.


How long is delivery if my screen is not in stock?

Usually within 4-5 weeks, if they are within our current range.


I am away this weekend any chance of delivery for Friday/Saturday morning?

Refer to our Delivery Service Guide & Supplement Price List on the 'Ordering' page.