12v Solar Trickle Charger

Helps eliminate natural discharge of starter battery power, by providing a low amp charge during

storage and low use periods. Plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket. Interchangeable 'Crocodile' connectors included, which enables you to additionally charge the leisure battery as and when required.

Marketed by Van Comfort for the Motorhome, this charger is also suitable for Caravans, Cars,

Boats, Farm Vehicles, any situation where the target vehicle has periods of low use.

Only requires daylight to function, this invaluable device will still generate a charge on dull and overcast days.

Environmentally and economically friendly!



*Blue Flashing LED charge indicator

*Durable ABS Outer Casing

*Built-in diode prevents reverse charging

*Interchangeable connectors: Cigarette lighter plug & Crocodile clips

*Suction cups for easy mounting

12v Solar Trickle Charger


 £19.99 each

Includes VAT and delivery within the UK.